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RPA Picnic 7/18 & Members Meeting 7/25
About this Issue
See "Against Hate" at QWOCMAP Festival 6/14
6/13: Gloria Rolando Films
6/14: Help Design Unity Park
6/15 & 27: Support Full Investigation in Shooting of Pedie Perez
6/15-16: Saffron Strand Conference
6/17, 6pm: Town Hall for Richmond Rent Control & Just Cause for Eviction
6/17: Community Zoning Updates
6/18: Richmond Promise Workshop
6/20: Refinery Corridor Healing Walk: Benicia to Rodeo
6/20: Richmond's Juneteenth Parade & Festival
6/20: 6th Annual Richmond Pow Wow
Recent Rallies & Protests, with Updates
7/11: Stop Crude by Rail March & Rally planned

Bobby Bowens Progressive Center
1021 Macdonald,


Since we don't take corporate money,  our success depends on our ability to use "people power" to promote activities and programs in Richmond. The RPA Activist is one tool we use to put out our ideas. One simple thing that YOU can do is to forward the RPA Activist to friends and acquaintances. Thanks.


Next RPA Membership Meeting Sat. 7/25, 3-5pm, BBPC 
But first, the RPA Summer Picnic Sat. 7/18!

Save these dates now!  Call the office (510-412-2260) if you'd like to get involved in planning the picnic or the meeting, or both.  We've reserved a shady picnic area at Miller Knox Regional Shoreline that's close to the parking lot and not far from the ADA-accessible children's play area and tot lot. The views are marvelous.  The Golden State Model Railroad Museum is across the street, and their trains run on Sunday afternoons...


All of RPA's friends, members, and their families are most welcome.  Please plan to bring food to share.  And let's plan to make this a no waste event.  The picnic will start at 11.  We'll have more details in upcoming issues.


If you'd like to join the Richmond Progressive Alliance right now, follow this link to the membership form.  Print and complete the form and mail it in with a check for your dues, which start at $12/yr.  Or, to avoid printing and snail-mailing, you can:

  •  send an email to info@richmondprogressivealliance.net with the information requested on the form &
  • go to the RPA web page & press the "Donate" button in the left column and make a payment for dues. Any additional contribution helps us keep dues more affordable for those with low income and is welcomed.
We have all the time in the world.
Hope, in the dark

On my vacation, I finished reading Rebecca Solnit's book, whose title I'm using for this section.  I came back to a long, seemingly-overwhelming list of upcoming opportunities to flex our activist muscles, and I've decided that this issue needs to be almost exclusively a rundown of them, in chronological order.  I hope to create more opportunity for analysis or conversation in subsequent issues, when there'll be less need to play catch up.


There are a lot of scheduling conflicts here, a lot of choices to be made.  Perhaps for some of these you can find a friend who will go to one event, while you go to another, and then, afterwards, you could fill each other in.  I'm hoping for that for the Activist, too.

As Rebecca Solnit noted: "The answer to most either/or questions is 'both'; the best response to a paradox is to embrace both sides instead of cutting off one or the other for the sake of coherence." So, read on, and enjoy.



                                                                               --Patsy Byers


Tonight-Sunday, 6/12-14, Brava Theatre, 2789 24th @ York, S.F.
Queer Women of Color Film Festival

A highlight Sunday afternoon at 2pm: Against Hate, Richmond's B. K. Williams's documentary on Jovanka Beckles, described in the program as "a queer Afro-Latina councilwoman fighting corporate giant Chevron's backroom tactics to control the city of Richmond, California," during last year's election campaign. 

Several short films by Richmond residents will also be shown.

Tickets are not needed; all screenings are free.  See the QWOCMAP festival website for seating policy and schedules.
Sat. 6/13, 6pm, East Bay Center for Performing Arts:
Richmond-Regla Friendship Committee presents:

Films to be shown: Reembarque/Reshipment (2014) & Eyes of the Rainbow (1997).  Suggested donation: $15.  (No one turned away for lack of funds.)  This event is a fundraiser in support of new works by Gloria Rolando and for the Richmond(CA)/Regla(Cuba) Friendship Cmte. Co-sponsored by Priority Africa Network, the Haiti Action Cmte, and the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

For a full-page flyer with more info, click here.  
Sun. 6/14, 2-6pm, on the Greenway: 6th or 16th & Ohio 
Help Design Unity Park: Free fun, food, & music

There's a lively and inspiring video encouraging us to help design Unity Park, available here. Alas, it cannot be embedded in the newsletter, but it's worth the 2 clicks it'll take to see it. 
Mon. 6/15, 11:30am, Press conference at MTZ Courthouse
Call for openness and a thorough investigation

Note the Rally & March on Saturday, June 27, starting at Richmond BART at 11.
Mon-Tu, 6/15-16, Richmond Auditorium 
Saffron Strand's National Conference 

Saffron Strand's Sixth Annual Homeless Workforce Conference- "Moving Beyond Barriers and Back to Work" -- is coming up June 15-16. For details on Conference education and training, click here

For registration information, visit this link
Wed. 6/17, 6pm, Nevin Center, 598 Nevin Ave.
Town Hall Meeting on Rent Control & Just Cause


Come to the meeting on the 17th to learn more about what's at stake and how you can support both Just Cause and Rent Control for Richmond.  It's being organized by a coalition that includes the RPA.  These issues will be taken up at the Richmond City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 23.  Please plan to be there, too.


Call David at ACCE, (415) 377-9037, to get involved.


Note:  If you signed up at the May Membership Meeting to join the RPA Housing Action Team, and you have not yet received a notice of upcoming events, please send an email here.  Our apologies for any delays!  The RPA wants your involvement.  Thank you!

Tu. 6/17, 6-8pm, Richmond Council Chambers
Richmond's Zoning Update Process

The mapping involves areas around the commercial corridors of Macdonald Avenue, San Pablo Avenue, and 23rd Street.  More information is available here, to help explain the project's goals, Livable Corridors, and a Form Based Code.

Thurs. 6/18, 6-8pm, Multipurpose Rm, Richmond Auditorium:
Richmond Promise Community Workshop

Learn more & "help craft the Richmond Promise to best serve the Richmond community and students." Many questions remain to be answered:
Who should be eligible in terms of residency, graduation, timing?  Should students at charter schools qualify? Which colleges and universities?  How much should each student receive?  How can we leverage the limited funds and funding period (part of the CBA for the Chevron modernization project) to best realize a college education for underserved students?

Please RSVP at  www.RichmondPromise.eventbrite.com and help spread the word! 

If you're interested in tackling this issue and others related to EDUCATION in Richmond, as part of the new RPA Education Action Team, please send an email here, and we'll let you know what's up.  Thanks.
Sat. 6/20, 8-5: Ninth St. Pk, Benicia, to Lone Tree Pt Pk, Rodeo
Third 2015 Refinery Corridor Healing Walk

There are 5 refineries in a ring, of sorts, along the Northeast San Francisco Bay. Now in their second year, these walks are intended to bring attention to the health risks and dangers that the 5 refineries of the pose, along with the explosive crude by rail coming through the communities from the Alberta tar sands and the Bakken oil fields.  They want to "Connect the Dots."  Another aim is to begin a process to envision a just transition to a clean and safe energy future and an economy that supports everyone.
Source: http://www.refineryhealingwalks.com.
To get information about the route (about 14 miles this time), timing, what to bring, and what to expect, visit the website, here.

Sat. 6/20, 10am-6pm:
Richmond's Juneteenth Parade & Festival

The Parade route is from Cutting and Marina Way South to the Festival at Nicholl Park, 33rd & Macdonald.
Look for the RPA banner in the parade, and join the RPA Councilmembers' contingent if you'd like!

Grand Marshall,  Jim Goins, Richmond's retiring Dir. of Finance 

At the Festival: Ethnic Food, Health Screenings, Youth Poetry Slam, Community Booths, and Two Stages of Entertainment

For more information see the Junteenth website.

Also Sat. 6/20, 10am-6pm, Wendell Park, 25th & Esmond Ave.:
Dancing for Our Next Generation Pow Wow

All Dancers/Drums Welcome

Tiny Tots/Contest Princess Pow Wow
Hand Drum Contest/Specials/Frybread Booth/Vendors

A CLEAN AND SOBER EVENT: No Alcohol or Drugs!



2015 is the Sixth Annual Richmond Pow Wow

For more info, send an email.


"Stop the TPP," Raise Up Richmond, Chevron Mtg:
Recent Rallies Roundup:

Photos: Janet Johnson


RPA was represented at Tuesday's "Stop the TPP" (Trans-Pacific Partnership: trade agreements to privilege multinational corporations above people and planet) noon rally in front of Nancy Pelosi's SF office, along with ┬▒200 others. Video of the rally was sent via live feed to Nancy Pelosi in Washington.  

Just in:  The House rejected Fast Track for the TPP today, but Obama plans to try again next week.  Janet Johnson suggests "that everybody phone Nancy Pelosi [(202) 225-4965] and thank her for her speech and leadership against the legislation today." Here's a link to the strategy for the rally and the emphasis on Pelosi: 

In February, Richmond City Council passed A Resolution Opposing the Fast-Track of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, TAFTA and TiSA and declaring the City of Richmond a TPP-TAFTA-TiSA-Free Zone.
*          *          *
Here's a look at the rally on June 4th that demanded UC's Regents sign a binding Community Benefits Agreement with Richmond before work begins on the Global Campus at Richmond Bay.  This rally was organized by the Raise Up Richmond coalition.  RPA members who want to make sure that this UC Berkeley project provides good jobs, business opportunities, and affordable housing for Richmond residents can email here to get involved.
Photos: Mike Parker




*          *          * 


As reported in the May 28th Key List: At the Chevron annual stockholders' meeting in late May, representatives from around the world went inside Chevron World Headquarters to stand in solidarity with shareholders calling for a change in Chevron's culture of deception, corruption and destruction.

Outside protesters gathered in support.   "The True Cost of Chevron is too High" was one theme that called on Chevron to stop harming the environment, undermining democracy by buying elections , causing climate chaos, attacking its critics, union busting and putting our children's health at risk.


City of Richmond, CA Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin along with Michele Chan of Friends of the Earth and Bill Pinkham of 350 Bay Area chant outside the annual shareholders meeting held at ChevronWorld Headquarters in San Ramon. 

                                    --Paul Kilkenny





What Happened in the Stockholders Meeting? The Sierra Club, through Green Century Funds, was able to put a stockholder proposal "Regarding Cessation of the Use of Corporate Funds for Political Purposes" on the agenda. Erin Gray had two minutes to present it, and I had two minutes to speak to it during comments.  John Watson's reply to my recounting of the Richmond election was, "We've moved on." The proposal was voted down, as we expected it would be.

                                                                                                         --Eduardo Martinez


Mike Parker calls the pre-meeting press conference, organized by the True Cost of Chevron Network, "a real education."  He says, "I urge you to watch and forward widely."  Make a bowl of popcorn, invite family, neighbors, and friends, and use this link to see it: http://truecostofchevron.com/live.  Let us know if you find it an hour well spent!

Save the date: Sat. 7/11, noon.
Bay Area Lac Megantic Solidarity Action

A "Stop Oil Trains Week of Action" as part of a national movement to commemorate the second anniversary of the tragic Lac-M├ęgantic, Quebec, oil train catastrophe that killed 47 people. March and Rally from BART, Atchison Village, and Parchester Village to Kinder Morgan Richmond. The march will culminate with a mass family-friendly rally outside the Kinder Morgan oil train facility.  The rally will include:

- Speakers from Richmond and other East Bay refinery towns

- Art, music, dance 

- Stations highlighting community solutions


Here's a recently-published article on the health hazards and safety risks of all crude oil trains: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/31258-oil-trains-don-t-have-to-derail-or-explode-to-be-hazardous-doctors-warn
Some History and Understanding of the RPA
  Social Policy Article

Long article with pictures 

--have patience in downloading


RPA Activist Info

is for Richmond community members who want to be active in taking on the problems of the environment, racism, joblessness, housing, and crime to create a healthy Richmond. We believe that community involvement means more than voting every two years. It means regular communication with the candidates we elect, letting them know our issues and positions, supporting them as they try to take our issues forward. It means we attend meetings, use email, phone our neighbors, or go on marches building an organized movement to create real change.

Comments and columns are welcome. Articles and columns are the views of the authors, unsigned text  the views of the editor, Patsy Byers, and not necessarily those of the RPA. Send photos, articles, and comments to  RPAactivist@gmail.com or call  510-595-4661. Longer articles of analysis and archives of past newsletters can be found on our website.