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Issue: #145
Aug 20, 2014  
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Richmond Progressive Alliance   

8/22: 5pm, Richmond Citywide Night Walk: Now, more than ever.
Richmond Rising Rousing Success!
New TR T-shirt is here. Get yours.
Volunteer work you can do sitting down
What we're up against
8/30: Bright Futures Performance
Support SB 1124: An essay
Upcoming Fundraisers for Eduardo
Worth 1000's of Words: Day of Action

Bobby Bowens Progressive Center
1021 Macdonald,


Since we don't take corporate money,  our success depends on our ability to use "people power" to promote activities and programs in Richmond. The RPA Activist is one tool we use to put out our ideas. One simple thing that YOU can do is to forward the RPA Activist to friends and acquaintances. Thanks.


Fri. Aug 22, 5pm, start at North Richmond Missionary Baptist*
Annual Richmond Citywide Night Walk
Photo source: CCISCO
All are invited to come out this Friday to celebrate the Annual Citywide Night Walk across the City of Richmond delivering the message of Ceasefire-Lifelines to Healing: Alive & Free!  Spread this message!


*1427 Fred Jackson Way, Richmond

Para informaciĆ³n en espaƱol contacto Cristina Hernandez - 925-428-0494
Walking & talking, partnered up for Team Richmond:
Richmond Rising beats its goal: Over 1000 homes!
The Morning Shift Aug. 16
And The Afternoon Crew
Richmond is Rising!  Team Richmond smashed through its goal of knocking on over 1,000 doors.  In a single day, we knocked on over 1,130!  With over 50 volunteers, including 25 canvassing with us for the first time, we met many supporters and convinced new ones along the way.  And it's fun!  Together, we show that an organized community has the power to make its voice heard. 

Thanks to all of our volunteers for their amazing efforts in support of a progressive Richmond.
   I was blown away by the energy of all the volunteers and hearing how excited people are to get back out and continue.    

                                                                                                    --Jeff Parker   


Many thanks to all who joined in from the Sunflower Alliance or via the  

Our Power national convening.


We don't have any photos from the afterparty, but reports say it was good food, good music, good folks, & a good time! 


=>Save the date:  The next all day mass mobilization canvassing event will be on Saturday, Sept. 9.   

Covet a Team Richmond T-shirt?
Earn it.  Canvass any Saturday at 3pm.

These nifty Team Richmond T-shirts, designed by Daniel Goodwin, are available only to canvassers.  To get yours, become a canvasser.  Start any Saturday, following a brief orientation at 3 at the Bobby Bowens Progressive Center, 1021 Macdonald Ave.

Sign up here for the next Canvasser Workshop: http://www.teamrichmond.net/canvassing 
Maintain the momentum of Richmond Rising!
Help Team Richmond build on the 8/16 effort

Here's a message from canvassing co-coordinator Janet Johnson.


Right now we need volunteers for two projects:

  1. Data entry: We held a successful and inspiring canvassing event last Saturday, and we need to get the information into our software database to follow up with our supporters. We'll train you, help you get started, and be on tap to answer your questions.
  2. Phoning: We need to call Team Richmond supporters to recruit them for the next big event in early September. Our campaign's secret ingredient is its volunteer canvassers, folks going door-to-door to talk with voters about the issues. We need to keep working to enlarge this amazing team of dedicated volunteers.

Won't you help us win our campaign for a better Richmond? Many hands make light work, and the work we do now will send ripples far beyond our town. Please join us! Email us at walk4teamrichmond@gmail.com and let us know when you're available.

Chevron candidates revealed.
Chevron Starts with $1.6 Million to Buy City Council

Chevron has already given $1.6 Million to its campaign organization
By Malclom Lubliner
to elect Chevron's favored candidates: Nat Bates as mayor and Charles Ramsey, Donna Powers, and Al Martinez to the Richmond City Council.


 Here is the official filing:  http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/documentcenter/view/29281


Chevron has already laid out $63,000 for the first phase of a billboard blitz (see same link: here.)


These candidates will all doubtless thank Chevron while insisting that they are independent and have offered Chevron nothing in exchange.  Sure.
                                                                                                     --Mike Parker 
Sat. 8/30, 2pm:
Support our young performing artists!

Bright Futures, a Richmond-based educational growth and development center, will be presenting its annual performance extravaganza, featuring music, dance and theater.  This year's theme is Bright Futures Family Vacation.    These young people are extremely talented.   They'll appreciate your support, and you will have an enjoyable experience!
The show will take place at the El Cerrito Performing Art Theater, 504 Ashbury Ave, El Cerrito, August 30, 2014 at 2:00pm.  
Tickets are $20.00 before the show and $25.00 at the door. Student/senior rate tickets: $10.00 pre-purchased and $15.00 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased online at  http://brightfuturesgdc.org/?page_id=579#sthash.237I6SPf.dpbs.
For more info on Bright Futures go to http://brightfuturesgdc.org/#sthash.giUTi0za.dpbs.
                                                                                                --Marilyn Langlois 
Healthcare shouldn't be a loan!
CA Gov Jerry Brown wants to steal my home
This piece was submitted by RPA member Chris Darling, pictured with his wife Amalia outside their Richmond home.


"Due to the expansion of Medi-Cal under ObamaCare, my wife and I are now covered by that program. But because both of us are over 55, Jerry can steal our house after we die to cover Medi-Cal's expense of paying for our healthcare. A 1993 law gives states the option to take back all the money spent by Medicaid for the healthcare of recipients over 55 by billing the estate after the recipient (and spouse) die. Because California is taking advantage of this option, Medi-Cal for older people is effectively a long term loan.


"SB 1124, a bill to fix the problem, has made its way through most of the legislature. If it passes, which is expected, Jerry has threatened to veto it..."                                                         Read the full essay here.       


To contact the governor's office in support of SB 1124: 

We're still waiting for the Air Force's bake sale!
Save these dates:  Benefit Eduardo's campaign
Eduardo speaking at Richmond Rising



Sept. 7th, Sunday, 9am-3pm. Garage Sale at 2030 Santa Clara St., Richmond Annex.  Items for sale welcomed; any not sold will be given to Goodwill. Drop-off items the day before, Sat., Sept. 6th, 3-7pm, at the same address.


Sept. 14th, Sunday, 4-6pm.  Richmond: Past, Present, Future, Eduardo for Richmond City Council Fundraiser,

518 Tremont Ave., Pt. Richmond. $20.00 & up. Meet Eduardo and hear his ideas for Richmond plus a short Richmond history presentation. Scrumptious catering.    


Sept. 28th, Sunday, 4-6 pmAre You Game?  At BBPC 

(1021 Macdonald).   From Monopoly to Dominoes  

to Scrabble and more...  Suggested donation: 1 Hamilton ($10)+.  Join the fun supporting Eduardo's campaign for city council!  Light refreshments provided.


Now do you know how much of Chevron's $1.6 million Eduardo Martinez is going to get?     
Our Power Richmond Day of Action, photos from 8/9/14:
From Kinder Morgan to the Greenway

From the crude-by-rail yards & familiar faces...   

...and a march through the city...          
[The Goatee'd Contingent]


...to the glorious Greenway...      


All photos above by Tarnel Abbott.
with a bicycle-powered sound system:
Najari Smith of Rich City Rides at the mike

...and a photo op with Mayor Gayle.
Quick, easy and free!
Endorse Team Richmond Now

As you know, 2014 is going to be a super important election here in Richmond, if we want to keep the progressive momentum going and keep building on the good things happening in recent years.  You've probably noticed how Chevron is already spending tons of money on PR...
Here's a free and easy way to show support for Team Richmond.  Your endorsement is valuable and will make a difference!   Please let us know if you endorse the Team Richmond candidates:  Mike Parker for Mayor and Jovanka Beckles, Eduardo Martinez and Gayle McLaughlin for City Council.  
Simply send a brief e-mail to langlois-rine@comcast.net, with "endorse Team Richmond" in the subject line. Include your full name, city of residence, and any affiliation or title you would like to include (affiliation is for identification purposes only).
Thank you.  It only takes a moment and will be greatly appreciated!

 RPA Membership Drive Continues 

Become an RPA member
Under the leadership of Mayor McLaughlin and her progressive colleagues on the City Council, 
Richmond has drawn local, national and international attention with its innovative solutions to persistent problems.  Let's keep the momentum going!  As we gear up for the coming election year in 2014, RPA needs your support more than ever. Join now and be part of history in the making.
Dues are just $12 per year (or more if you are able), and go towards paying our share of rent at the Bobby Bowens Progressive Center, 1021 Macdonald Ave--a space that is used by RPA and other organizations for educational forums, town hall meetings, strategy sessions, campaign organizing, celebrations and many other events open to the community.
By joining now you'll get our e-newsletter and action alerts, and opportunities to participate in building a better Richmond.  We'll also give you a large, attractive tote bag--ideal for grocery shopping, now that Richmond has enacted a plastic bag ban as another step toward protecting our precious environment. 
Don't put it off--  write, call or e-mail us now!

Join the RPA

RPA Symbol

We can only keep this city moving forward, protect our health and safety, and resist corporate domination of our politics if enough of us join together. We are asking you to take sides--to join the RPA.     




UNITY - One Richmond: African-American, Asian, Latino/a, Native Americans, white, united for the good of all.

DEMOCRACY- Government of, for, by the people; all the people, not just those rich enough to buy influence.

DIVERSITY - of ideas: Democrats, Greens, independents, or other. We sometimes disagree but respect each other enough to keep working for a better Richmond together.


  • participate in periodic RPA discussions and events of community interest;
  • staff the office, make phone calls, meet in committees, arrange events and parties;
  • work on campaigns of RPA-endorsed candidates for city council;
  • engage with neighbors;
  • help shape RPA and its priorities;
  • join in support of other allied organizations working to make a difference in Richmond;
  • read the newsletter at www.richmondprogressivealliance.net for what REALLY goes on in Richmond;
  • eat; have fun.

Download the membership form and mail it in with dues.


Send us an email at info@richmondprogressivealliance.net with the information requested on the form.  And go to the RPA web page. Press the "Donate" button in the left column and make a dues contribution. An additional contribution is greatly appreciated and helps us keep dues low for those with low income.


Some History and Understanding of the RPA
  Social Policy Article

Long article with pictures 

--have patience in downloading


RPA Activist Info

is for Richmond community members who want to be active in taking on the problems of the environment, racism, joblessness, housing, and crime to create a healthy Richmond. We believe that community involvement means more than voting every two years. It means regular communication with the candidates we elect, letting them know our issues and positions, supporting them as they try to take our issues forward. It means we attend meetings, use email, phone our neighbors, or go on marches building an organized movement to create real change.

Comments and columns are welcome. Articles and columns are the views of the authors, unsigned text  the views of the editor, Patsy Byers, and not necessarily those of the RPA. Send photos, articles, and comments to  RPAactivist@gmail.com or call  510-595-4661. Longer articles of analysis and archives of past newsletters can be found on our website.