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Fit For Life

Petition to block Adams Campus Sale on June 15th

Allow time for alternatives to be developed

Right now: Sign the petition by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens of East Richmond Heights that calls for the WCCUSD to deny the sale of Adams Campus to Caliber Charter School at its June 15 meeting. (Click on the link or copy and paste this url into your browser: Find out more at the Coalition's website: This move would allow time for alternative proposals to be developed.

Sun 6/12, 11am, Media Event/Press Conf., 5000 Patterson Cir.
No on Sale of Adams to Caliber for $60K!

There will be a Media Event = Press Conference in front of the Adams Middle School site, 5000 Patterson Circle, Richmond, CA 94805, organized by the Fairmede Hilltop Neighborhood Council, in opposition to the proposed sale of the site to Caliber Charter School.

Wed. 6/15, 6:30pm, WCCUSD Brd Mtg, 3400 Macdonald Ave.
Defend public assets from the push to privatize

The District will continue to consider the sale of the Adams site to Caliber Charter at its next meeting, in Lovonya DeJean Middle School. For background, see the RPA Activist #196, available here in the Archives, and the article now on the RPA homage. For more information, log on to

Many important issues need to be addressed. As Richmond resident Deborah Bayer wrote in a recent letter to the Board:
I also protest the process under which this serious decision is being made. The WCCUSD seems to be conceding to the demands of Beller and Moses with minimal notice to the public, and unreasonable speed. Please slow down this process to allow for more public involvement and thought.

Attend the meeting and make your voice heard!


Also at 6/15, WCCUSD Brd Mtg., 3400 Macdonald:
Show that our community values Adult School

Adult School Teachers United (ASTU), adult school students and teachers, and community supporters will be at the meeting to show the board --and convey to the new superintendent-- that the adult school has broad community support.

Summer classes for the ESL, High School Diploma, GED, and Older Adult programs were cut in 2009 and never restored. The week of June 13 will be the first week after these classes end for the regular school year; the students' presence will show that many students are in need of these summer classes. They plan to speak during the general public comment, and they will present the board a petition to restore summer school, signed by students.

In addition, Adult School Teachers want the Board to understand the importance of funding substitute teachers as needed to maintain class continutity when regular teachers are ill or have emergencies.

Any friends of the Adult School are invited to the school picnic earlier on June 15th, from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Miller Knox Shoreline in the Pintail/Killdeer Picnic Area. Please send an RSVP to for planning.


New RPA Office July 1!

Exciting news: We have a new office in a primo location: 2540 Macdonald, at Civic Center, right across from the Richmond Public Library & the Richmond Art Center.  Our lease will run through February 2018, with a 1 year extension option at a slightly higher rate.  This move secures the RPA and allied organizations a stable place to meet and work, since our status at 1021 Macdonald had been month-to-month since January 2015.

We took the space "as is," however, and there's lots of work that needs to be done before we can move in (& move out of 1021 by June 30)! We're holding our first work party on Sunday, June 5, 1-6pm, at the new location, to be followed by a group dinner (just where will be decided then).  There's no need to sign up for Sunday, just swing by.

If you are able to contribute some time and energy, any other time, please send a text to Tim Laidman at (510) 260-9393 with your availability and construction skill set, if any.  There are many vital unskilled jobs, too, so don't feel you have to be an experienced construction worker!  Later in the month, we'll be asking for help sorting and packing up at 1021.

If you can make a donation for any of the following, you will not only earn the gratitude of all who use the new space in the coming months, but you'll be honored in some fashion (still TBD) in the interior!  Here's what we're looking for right away:

$ 220:  Baseboard molding to go all around the perimeter inside 
$   61:  Caulking for baseboards
$ 810:  Paint for all interior walls (2 coats)
$ 185:  Each for 2 blinds for west-facing windows (approx. 6'Wx10'H)
$   88:  Drop cloths for curtains on north-facing windows
$   78:  Hardware for curtains 

To donate funds for any of these items, or to contribute towards them, please go to the Donate button (in the top blue bar) on the RPA homepage, and then fill in the "Add special instructions to the recipient" or "Purpose" fields, specifying what you'd like the money used for.  (Alternatively, send an email with that info to

Here's a shot of the exterior, showing the full extent of the part of the building that the RPA is renting:
Photos: Patsy Byers.


Wed. 6/15, 9:45am, BAAQMD Brd. Mtg, 375 Beale St., S.F.*

Support Community-Worker Emissions Plan

From the Sunflower Alliance:

Photo credit: pixabay.

The four-year struggle to limit pollution from Bay Area oil refineries is at a critical juncture. On June 15th, we can convince our allies on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Board to demand that our Community-Worker Proposal for enforceable numerical emission limits on toxics, particulate matter, and greenhouse gases be implemented this year in the Air District's proposed rule process

The BAAQMD staff's report promotes their three proposals for positive steps in reducing energy use and methane emissions along with our caps, but implementing their approach will take years. We need an immediate cap on emissions of greenhouse gases and dangerous particulate matter to stop the current flow of tar-sands oil to the Bay Area from becoming a flood. We are pushing the Board to demand that staff present a finished rule proposal with caps in September, so public comment periods and final votes can be completed before the end of the year.

We need a massive public turnout for the public comments section of this BAAQMD meeting, to insure our Board allies meet our goals. Come early to get a seat in the main hearing room. For support, look for Ratha (Sierra Club).

Do you need a ride? Can you offer your car for a carpool? Have other questions on this action? If so, contact Andrés Soto: email:; phone: 510-282-5363

For detailed information to use in your speaking points, contact Janet Johnson:

(*From Embarcadero BART on Market St., walk 3 long blocks south on Beale St.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: A press conference will be held the day before; please be there if you can!
PRESS CONFERENCE 1 pm, June 14th - 375 Beale St. San Francisco
(In front of the new BAAQMD Building)


Sat. 6/25, 10-2, San Pablo Community Center, 2450 Road 20*

RPA Co-sponsors Free Citizenship Workshop

Let your friends, neighbors, and co-workers know about this free event to help qualified residents complete the application process for U.S. citizenship.

A document in English that also outlines the requirements is available at this link:
For questions, contact: Antonio Medrano by phone 510-223-0237 or Lucia Perez Loera by email:

* Next to Helms Middle School, in San Pablo.
Wed. 6/15, doors @6:30, music 7-10, BBPC, 1021 Macdonald
Live in concert: Twin & Machine Zero



This acoustic blend of hypno folk and unplugged rock is not to be missed. Admission is by donation. Part of the proceeds will benefit BBPC.

If you can make it and are on Facebook, please RSVP here.


Petitions for Rent Control measure submitted


The Richmond City Clerk received 5175 signatures, June 4th, of Richmond voters who want put the proposed ordinance for Rent Control, Just Cause for Eviction, and Homeowner Protections on the November ballot.  Just under 4200 are required to advance the initiative, and volunteers going door to door have a very high rate of valid signatures, so Fair & Affordable Richmond (FAR) backers are confident the measure will qualify.

Many thanks to all who have worked so long and hard to move forward these tenant and neighborhood stabilization provisions.  There will undoubtedly be a strong and well-financed campaign in opposition as the vote approaches, but for today, let's take a collective breath and rejoice!

And a sad footnote: Please recognize that any "rent control petition" now being circulated in Richmond is a cynical effort by the real estate Industry and large corporate landlords to permanently block the implementation of rent control & just cause.  Don't sign it!

RPA Help wanted:
Office staffers, Activist & Key List Editor(s)

RPA has done an awful lot with a strictly volunteer workforce, and we're looking for more folks to step up.  Besides the need for workers to tackle getting the new office ready and the old office moved over and cleaned out, we need people to staff the space on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings, regularly and as subs. Please contact Tarnel Abbott, Office Committee Chair, if you are interested in helping in the office: Call (510) 910-4510 or

And, we're looking for someone to share the work of putting together the Activist newsletter and Key List emails.  We have a couple of willing volunteers, but not yet enough commitment to carry on all the work, which I will have to relinquish soon. If you'd like to consider becoming part of a small team, please send an email here, to, and you will be contacted quickly, to explore the possibilities.  

Training will be provided for these positions, and you'll be making an important contribution to a better Richmond.
                                                                                                     --Patsy Byers.
Opportunity to get involved & to give!
Ben Choi for Richmond City Council 2016 news!

The Ben Choi Campaign Committee named Richmond Immigration Attorney and RPA Steering Committee member Sharron S. K. Williams as Campaign Coordinator this week. For more than a decade, Sharron has worked on numerous campaigns, in capacities from advocacy to management, and in scope from Propositions to Congressional contests. Congratulations, Sharron!

Remember, Ben accepts no contributions from corporations or businesess, because he knows they aren't people! To volunteer and help Ben Choi get elected, send an email to Donations from individuals may be made through this site: Please be sure to provide all the information required by California campaign law.

Save these dates now:
June 18 & July 9: Both "double dips!"

Sat. June 18th is the date for both the Richmond Juneteenth Parade & Festival and the 7th Annual Native American Richmond Contest Powwow.

And on July 9th the Richmond Progressive Alliance will hold an afternoon Members Meeting in our new office, at 2540 Macdonald, followed by a house-warming party there (planned by the Arts & Culture Team). 

Reaction to Cesar Zepeda's campaign kick-off 
"Conflict always accompanies progress."

The following letter was sent to Cesar Zapeda, a candidate for Richmond City Council, and shared with the RPA Activist:

Dear Cesar,

The event disappointed me. Yes, I marveled at how you accumulated --in the room--  such a broad and diverse number of apparent supporters. 

Still, it upset me to hear you characterize the last ten years in Richmond politics as marked by conflict, which you intend to diminish or eliminate. That is a slap in the face to all the people in Richmond who have fought so hard to make our community better.

Do you remember what Richmond was like before?

Conflict always accompanies progress and change. So what?

By denouncing what it has taken to accomplish the advances of the past ten years, by giving so much prominence to Chevron (a corporation which continuously seeks authorization to disregard the health and safety of residents) you appear to align yourself with those who seek to stall, stop, or reverse progress in Richmond.

I'm sorry you made that choice. Please don't imagine you haven't.

Kathleen Wimer
Yet another volunteer opportunity!
Many City Boards & Commissions have openings

Here's the May report on vacancies on City of Richmond Boards & Commissions.

Look it over, and if you find  something that interests you, find out more and follow the application procedure outlined on the City's website,  The appointments are all made by the mayor, with Council consent.
Just PublishedSocial Policy Wnter 15

A Social Policy Case Study and Follow-up 

Two Years Later: Richmond Progressive Alliance: Defeating Big Money in Politics 
by Mike Parker                  on RPA Web site 
Want to learn more about the RPA?