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Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez
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About RPA | Organization

RPA Membership Meeting

Membership meetings are held every two to three months, elects the Steering Committee of the RPA, and is the final authority on RPA policy.

RPA Steering Committee

The RPA Steering Committee plans actions, collaborations, and statements on behalf of the RPA, focusing largely on big issues such as affordable housing or the minimum wage and how we can work with the city council and other groups in the city to bring about change in these areas. Our positions on these issues are made public on this website, and in our newsletter (click here to subscribe).

RPA Action Teams

RPA Action Teams are open to all members interested in doing research, discussion, and action around specific topics

Richmond Progressive Alliance Bylaws >>


The current Steering Committee was elected

at the RPA membership meeting January 9, 2016, 510-595-4661
Bobby Bowens Progressive Center
1021 Macdonald Ave. (near Harbour), 510-412-2260


Coordinators: Marilyn Langlois, Marcos Banales

Communications Chair - Najari Smith,
Membership Chair - Zak Wear,
Office Chair - Tarnell Abbott,
Treasurer - Shoji
Recording Secretary - Michelle Chan
Arts and Culture Team - Patsy Byers
Housing Action Team - Melvin Willis
At-large members -

Jovanka Beckles, Ben Choi, Sung Ae Cho, Eduardo Martinez, Chy Nair, Tania Pulido, Malik Seneferu, and Sharron Williams.

Representatives of allied organizations-

Claudia Jimenez, CCC Racial Justice Coalition,
Millie Cleveland, SEIU Local 1021
Janet Johnson, Sunflower Alliance
David Sharples, ACCE
Marie Walcek, California Nurses Association.