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Eduardo Martinez
Gayle McLaughlin
Jovanka Beckles

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RPA Steering Committee

The RPA Steering Committee plans actions, collaborations, and statements on behalf of the RPA, focusing largely on big issues such as affordable housing or the minimum wage and how we can work with the city council and other groups in the city to bring about change in these areas. Our positions on these issues are made public on this website, and in our newsletter (click here to subscribe).

Coordinators: Marilyn Langlois, Mike Parker, 510-595-4661
Bobby Bowens Progressive Center
1021 Macdonald Ave. (near Harbour), 510-412-2260

Tarnel Abbott Marcos Banales Jovanka Beckles
Michael Beer Patricia Byers Miguel Cavallin
Millie Cleveland Gail Eierweiss Vivien Feyer
Stephanie Hervey Sylvia Hopkins Janet Johnson
Margaret Jordan Jeffrey Kilbreth Paul Kilkenny
Tim Laidman Marilyn Langlois Eduardo Martinez
Gayle McLaughlin David Moore Chi Nair
Torm Nompraseurt Mike Parker Joseph Puleo
Jamin Pursell Jose Rivera Najari Smith
Andrés Soto Pam Stello Tony Sustak
Nicole Valentino Liz Watts Zak Wear
  Kathleen Wimer  

Four additional Steering Committee members have asked not to have their names listed.