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About RPA | History

How did the RPA get started?

By Juan Reardon

2004 Election poster

The history of the Richmond Progressive Alliance is the history of a people defining our own destiny. It took far-sighted vision, bold determination and a ​LOT​ of hard work to get the RPA off the ground.

Juan Reardon, the "engine of the RPA"​ in those early years, takes us on a trip down memory lane in his article "How did the RPA get started?" Complete with early photos, flyers, documents​, and a program of events​, Juan's article reminds us of the why, how, and who were involved in those early years from 2003-2004.

Click here to experience or re-experience this ​amazing era​ ​ when we burst onto the Richmond political scene

--Gayle McLaughlin

Long article--have patience in downloading

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Long article--have patience in downloading



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