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Gayle McLaughlin, Richmond Mayor
Dr. Jeff Ritterman, Richmond Councilmember
Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Councilmember

Tom Butt, Richmond Councilmember

Jim Rogers, Richmond Councilmember

Eduardo Martinez, Richmond Recreation and Parks Commissioner
Vivien Feyer, Richmond Human Rights & Human Relations Commissioner
Jesse Montiel, Richmond Community Development Commissioner
Alejandro Navarro, President of SW Annex neighborhood council and Richmond Police Commisioner
Andres Soto, Richmond Planning Commissioner
Roberto Reyes, Richmond Planning Commissioner

Michael Gregory, Vice Mayor, City of San Leandro

Rosemary Corbin, Former Mayor of Richmond
Marilyn Langlois
Ann Harey, M.D., Richmond Health Center doctor
Krista Farey, MD, Family Physician,
Richmond Health Center
Kay Wallis
Dr. Jan Diamond, Richmond
Michael Hayhurst
Tim Laidman
Paul Kilkenny
Margi Cellucci, Richmond Realtor/Broker
Nancy Allen Burns, Body Wisdom Studio
Michael Beer
Melissa Ehman
Sylvia Hopkins
Joe Puleo
Kathleen Wimer
Jeff Shoji
Elizabeth Watts
Nicole Valentino
Amahra Hicks
Margaret Jordan
Mike Parker
David Moore
Juan Reardon
Pauline Grant, Nutrition Educator
Molly Wahl, School Garden Consultant
Alexis Tatarsky
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Assemblymember Bill Monning
Assemblymember Bill Monning
Chair of California Assembly
Committee on Health
27th Assembly District

Sierra Club
Sierra Club

Black Mobilization, Organization,
Black Mobilization, Organization,
and Education Richmond (BMOER)

Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Mexican American Political Association,
Richmond Chapter

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

SEIU, Local 1021

Richmond Progressive Alliance
Richmond Progressive Alliance

West County Toxics Coalition
West County Toxics Coalition

Alliance of Californians
Alliance of Californians
for Community Empowerment

Communites for a Better Environment
Communites for a Better Environment

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

ATU 1555
Amalgamated Transit Union 1555

Contra Costa Interfaith
Contra Costa Interfaith
Supporting Community Organization

United Teachers of Richmond
United Teachers of Richmond, CTA/NEA

Communities Organized to Support Adult School (COSAS)

Food Revolution
Food Revolution


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Video Messages

Sylvia Grey White
Sylvia Grey White on Soda Tax

Andres Soto
Andrés Soto on Soda

Celberg Rodriquez on Soda Tax
Gelberg Rodriquez on Soda Tax

Doria Robinson
Doria Robinson - Vote YES on N!

Jeff Rutland on Richmond Soda Tax
Jeff Rutland on Richmond Soda Tax

Tania Pulido
Tania Pulido on Soda Tax

Whitney Dotson
Whitney Dotson On Sugary Sodas

Words from Some of Our Supporters
The American Academy of Pediatrics
The American Academy of Pediatrics, California (AAP-CA), representing pediatricians statewide in the four AAP CA regional Chapters-- Ch 1 (No CA), Ch 2 (Greater LA), Ch 3 (San Diego) and Ch 4 (Orange County) endorses the measure on the Richmond, California ballot in November 2012 to tax sugar-sweetened drinks, as passed by the Richmond City Council.
Danny Glover Yes on N
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Whitney Dotson"I support the Richmond tax on sugary drinks 100%. It is good for our children to drink less sugar and the measures will help bring sports fields and more recreation to our parks. It is a win-win for all of Richmond. Less Soda! and More Sports!"
Whitney Dotson,
East Bay Regional Parks District Director
See Press Release

"I support Richmond's Measure N, the 'soda tax'. Let's make our  children healthier with less diabetes, obesity and heart disease, and more sports and healthier habits. Yes on N. Yes to a healthier future."
Rev. Phillip Lawson is the former Interfaith Program Director for East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) and leads EBHO's interfaith initiative, the Interfaith Action in Housing Program. Before joining EBHO, Rev. Lawson was Pastor of Easter Hill United Methodist Church in Richmond from 1992 to 2003. Rev. Lawson has been and continues to be active in the East Bay with groups, such as Richmond Vision 2000, Northern California Inter-Religious Conference, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP), Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights and California Council of Churches.
"Why I Support Measure N After more than a few weeks of listening to both sides of the debate on Measure N, which proposes a tax on soda and other sugary drinks that people in our community consume, I have decided to speak in favor of its passage. I do this because I know that people in low wealth communities of color have diets that are inordinately high in sugar, salt, and grease. Also, many of the foods we eat are processed and packaged, and a shocking number of them only taste good because of the sugar or high fructose corn syrup that is in them. We introduce sugar to children at a young age and it does not take long before giving it to them becomes a way of showing how much we want them to be “happy.”
"But the long term effects of high sugar consumption are anything but “happy.” I believe that too much sugar in our diets contributes to the high rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, bad teeth, and obesity found in our community. Mix this with the extra stress related to being poor and a person of color in America, and with the low rates of access to medical coverage among folks in low wealth communities, and you get a powerful negative economic effect that passes poverty on from one generation to another. We are no doubt paying much more in health care costs due to sugar consumption than we would if a tax was added to the cost of soda, which children in the US today drink more than milk.
"Coverage in the local papers on this measure has been embarrassingly one sided, with one paper in particular seeming to lead a crusade against the Measure’s passage. Most of the local leaders quoted in this paper have given cookie-cutter, robo-answers that all sound alike and don’t address the issues of health in substantive ways. None of them talk about the fact that sugar is a man-made substance and is not included in the USA food pyramid. Cries of a “tax burden on the poor” ring hollow with me, as does the argument that it will hurt local business. To me its passage seems the best of several worlds as it relates to soda and sugary beverages: people will either buy less because it costs more, or they will buy less frequently because they have to travel to buy it cheaper, or they will pay up and provide funds for sports and health education programs in our city. I call this a win, win, win.
" How these funds will be collected and used seems murky, but I think it can be worked out. If fewer people consume sugar and provide less of it to their children, that is a good thing. I support the passage of Measure N."

Rev Kamal Hassan is the Pastor/Teaching Elder at Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church. The remarks above represent his own positions and not necessarily those of the church he serves
Charles Ramsey

"I support the Richmond sugary drinks tax. It is good for the kids and it will help their education. We are building new schools for Richmond kids, but even more important is to build healthy bodies and minds. Sodas and other sugary drinks undermine this effort, and the Richmond sugary drinks tax will help our children.
"Our students do worse and worse every year in the fitness tests, and I worry about them. 52% of our Richmond children are obese or overweight. The problem has hit African American and Latino kids very hard, putting their health at serious risk.
"Kids need our collective efforts as parents and educators to become healthier and stronger. There are no sugary drinks sold at our schools and we are working hard to expand PE opportunities. But this is not enough. Parents, neighborhoods, and merchants must help to create an after-school environment that promotes healthy diets, physical exercise, sports, and recreation-relaxation. Many of our kids are stressed and use sodas and candy as a way to deal with the stress.
"For 14 years I have lived with adult-onset diabetes. Looking back, I wish I had known more about diabetes and its causes earlier in my life. Fortunately, I have changed my diet, dropped all sugary drinks, and swim three times a week. I feel great and have no need for diabetes medications.
"I have complete trust that the Richmond City Council will honor the will of voters and use every cent of the funds raised for the health of Richmond youth. This City Council has demonstrated how much they care for Richmond kids by allocating city funds to prevent the closure of Kennedy High and two local elementary schools. These City Council members have a proven commitment to our children, above and beyond their official responsibilities. They will deliver.”
Charles Ramsey
President of the West Contra County Unified School District Board
See Press Release

Rev. Alvin Bernstine“I fully support the NAACP’s call to reduce consumption of sugar products in African-American communities. I want to see thousands more of our children practicing sports, learning to swim, cultivating green gardens, learning to cook healthy meals, and developing healthy bodies and healthy minds. Measure N and Measure O can help us reach those goals.
“By supporting Measure N and Measure O, our community can take control of our children’s well-being.
"Mrs. Obama has being working for several years to improve the health and fitness of American children. By putting our kids first and passing Measure N and Measure O, Richmond can advance the First Lady’s efforts at the local level.”
Rev. Alvin C. Bernstine
Pastor of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, Richmond, CA
See Press Release    -    Also see "FOLLOW THE MONEY: Why I Support the Sugar Tax"
Doria Robinson
Doria Robinson is a lifelong Richmond resident and the Executive Director of Urban Tilth, a nonprofit urban gardening project supporting local gardens that grew over 10,000 lbs of healthy food for the Richmond community last year.

“I am 100% committed to the goals of Fit for Life. Our children need us to show the way to healthy eating and active living. In our classes at Richmond High we do an activity as a part of a nutrition lesson where we make our own sodas by converting the ingredients on the label into household ingredients: sugars, flavoring and dyes. The students are amazed to learn how many teaspoons or tablespoons of sugar go into each bottle of their favorite sugar sweetened beverage. Counting out and spooning in each spoonful for themselves really opens their eyes to what is hidden within each product. Trying to drink this homemade syrupy equivalent becomes an impossible task, and then, like a light going on in their minds..the students understand the problem.
"The impact of Sugar Sweetened Beverages on the health of our communities is enormous. We are already paying the price as a society through rising rates of debilitating diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease all of which are directly connected to our eating habits.
"Sugar Sweetened Beverages are not necessary parts of a healthy diet. Just like cigarettes, Sugar Sweetened Beverages should be taxed significantly to discourage their consumption and to generate funds for active living programs, sports facilities, and educational projects that help to support and encourage healthy eating practices. Our future depends on it”

“More than 10,000 children in Richmond are not playing sports. Richmond lacks over 20 additional sports fields to meet our community’s needs. Local leagues and clubs need much more support. I am in favor of Fit for Life and the soda tax ballot measure to create more fields and educational programs.”
Gelberg Rodriguez is a structural engineer, President of Richmond United Soccer Club, and co-chair of the Richmond SAFE Athletic Fields for Education Coalition, a group focused on developing enough multipurpose sports fields so that all Richmond children can participate in organized sports.

Gelberg Rodriguez
Larry Lewis RPAL
“Richmond children need more opportunities to grow up strong and healthy. I support Fit For Life’s goals”
Larry Lewis,
Police Activities League
Barbara Becnel
“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no ‘I'll start tomorrow.’ Tomorrow is disease. Today, let’s be Fit for Life.”
Barbara Becnel,
Neighborhood House of North Richmond

“I support the measure to tax sugar sodas. We all are aware of how much sugar there is in sugary drinks. I'm a diabetic, so I stay away from sugar all together but people should be aware that lots of sugar is put into sugary sodas to get you hook on, so that the soda companies can make money. This is not good for anyone's health. I trust the Richmond City Council majority to use the money for programs and fields to fight obesity” I encourage everyone in Richmond to vote YES on Measure N and Measure O.  Vote yes on the sugar tax to make Richmond families healthier and to prevent more diabetes and other illnesses."   Dr. Henry Clark, West County Toxics Coalition

Zee Handoush "I support the Richmond soda tax. I'm a third generation business owner in Richmond and an Arab American aware that diabetes and similar conditions are a serious problem in our community. Reducing excess sugar intake and the related conditions like obesity and diabetes, and raising money for programs that educate and keep our children active, are the goals of the soda tax and should be our goals as a community. Voting Yes on N will make Richmond residents healthy on the inside and happy on the outside. "  
Zee Handoush
"I support Fit for LIFE and educating our community about drinking too much sugary drinks, and  I believe that we must do something about it. The sugary sodas tax will decrease  some consumption of sodas, and even reducing this consumption just by 10%  would be a great for our kids. Soda is not food. Soda is not a necessity of life. Sugary sodas hurt as much as cigarettes   when our kids drink them in excess. Furthermore, we have here a great opportunity to generate funds to serve better the recreational and sports needs of our children, to fight obesity and diabetes, and to defend the health and future of Richmond kids. For our kids, vote yes on the Richmond soda ballot measures!"      
Dexter Vizanau, President of Cybertran International
See Press Release
  Dexter Vizanau
Zolina Zizi   “I did the training and swam 1.2 miles to Alcatraz for the Pathstar swim. As the Lakota messages says, I did it ‘Oyate kin nipi kte’ (‘So that the people will live’). I learned about eating healthier; I lost eight pounds and I’m now starting off with baby steps in my family. We are buying less soda, we have switched to whole grain bread, and we are walking more. Join the FIT for LIFE campaign. Everyone can do something to fight child obesity. I support taxing sodas to generate resources for the community and have all Richmond children learn to swim and eat healthy.”
Zolina Zizi is a Richmond resident who swam to Alcatraz on October 17, 2011 in support of her mother, grandmother, and aunt who all suffer from diabetes.
Jeff Rutland
“I support the Richmond soda tax and everything that keeps people healthier and improves parks with sports fields.”
Jeff Rutland,
Safe Return Project
       Jan Schilling
“I see people of all ages enjoying step aerobics, high and low impact aerobics, Latin dance, zumba, samba, kickboxing, and Afro Brasilian workouts and capoeira. Get involved and get Fit for Life!”
Jan Schilling,
Weigh of Life
Mark Torres
“There is nothing so wonderful as a Richmond team lining up in the field for a game. Our kids are the best! Let’s help them be Fit for Life.”
Mark Torres,
Richmond Eagles President

Yvonne Nair“Among more than 1,200 homeless people in Richmond, there are hundreds of homeless kids who consume unhealthy diets, including sugar-rich soft drinks. Some of their parents are members of our Richmond-based non-profit organization, Saffron Strand. These homeless moms and dads are striving to increase their work skills in order to get good jobs and support their families. Unfortunately, most lack the knowledge or time for healthier dietary choices for their kids or themselves. The ballot measures proposed by Fit For LIFE will make sugar-rich sodas less appealing and will help fund programs and opportunities which can help homeless parents make better dietary choices for their families. This can help homeless kids avoid obesity and grow up healthy and “Fit for Life.”
Yvonne Nair, Founder, President, and CEO of Saffron Strand, Inc. Solutions for the Homeless

Michele McGeoy
“We agree with Fit for Life. Cultivating emotional intelligence, self-awareness, resiliency skills, and the capacity for personal growth and transformation are key aspects of Solar Richmond’s training.”
Michele McGeoy,
Solar Richmond
Torm Nompraseurt
“Richmond is home to many Khmu, Mien, and Lao members, This is our community. We all want the best for our children. We want them Fit for Life.”
Torm Nompraseurt,
Laotian Organizing Project
Tania Pulido
“Growing healthy food locally is part of the solution. Good team sports and recreation programs are another way. We all can do something.“
Tania Pulido,
Recipient of the 2011 Brower Youth Award
Christine Atkins-Brooks

Christine Atkins-Brooks, Richmond Educator urges Richmond voters: “Let our kids be healthier than us”   Recommends ‘Yes’ Vote  on November Soda Tax Measure. Health and wellness educator Christine Atkins-Brooks proclaims her strong support for the November 2012 ballot measure known as the “soda tax.”   Ms. Atkins-Brooks, who has worked with low-income Richmond youth and families for nine years  expresses her enthusiasm for the measure:
“I have a lot of hope for the soda tax; I'm really excited about it. It will grow people's awareness. So many people do not know how food affects them.  Our young people are tricked by $3 billion in advertisements by the junk food industry.  I'm already hearing the buzz on the streets: ‘Soda is not good for you? I didn't know that!’”
Describing herself as a “health justice educator,” Ms. Atkins-Brooks notes that healthy alternatives to soda and other sugary drinks are affordable, available, and make good sense.
“Let's go back to what we know.  Drink water. Water is better. Water is lovely.  The biggest misconception is that being healthy is not fun. In reality, healthy food and drinks taste great.”
Ms. Atkins-Brooks also voiced her support for a companion ballot measure that will advise Richmond city officials to allocate the proceeds from the “soda tax” to fund sport programs and other anti-obesity efforts.   “The Richmond Soda Tax measures are part of an amazing movement that will resonate, that will succeed, and that will make our world much better.  Join me in passing these measures, for our kids.”
See Press Release

"The Fit for Life campaign works to bring the power of decision making back to the families, back to the parents of the children affected by obesity. Parents must not be undermined by an environment that pushes for consupmtion of sugar; Children must be given real choices at home, at school and in the neighborhood. As Michelle Obama said on the Childhood Obesity Summit (4/9/2010) "Our kids didn't do this to themselves. They don't decide the sugar content in soda or the advertising content of a television show. Kids don't choose what's served to them for lunch at school, and shouldn't be deciding what's served to them for dinner at home. And they don't decide whether there's time in the day or room in the budget to learn about healthy eating or to spend time playing outside."
I support FIT forLIFE and the Richmond Soda Ballot measures to help bring power of the decision back to the Richmond parents."
Millie Cleveland, SEIU 1021 Field Rep

Bobby Bowens“One of the first efforts of the Black Panther Party was the Free Breakfast for School Children Program, initiated at St. Augustine's Church in Oakland in 1969. We would cook and serve good food. The program became so popular that by the end of the year, the Panthers set up kitchens in cities across the nation, feeding over 10,000 children every day before they went to school. The Richmond branch of the Black Panther Party set up a breakfast program at Shields Reed community center in North Richmond We knew the importance of healthy eating and early childhood development as it relates to productive class room learning and sports.  The FIT for LIFE efforts of Dr.Ritterman and the community need to be supported . They will help get good food and good sports to our kids.” 
Bobby Bowens, Community Health Worker 
“We in ACCE are supporters of the FIT for LIFE campaign because we believe in health prevention by community empowerment. The community can implement many policies to improve our city and our chances to defeat childhood obesity and illness. We are behind the soda tax ballot measure because this is one such policy. It will help the community to fight back. Let’s not forget that our children are targeted for profits by the soda drinks corporations in a way not toop different than other predatory practices by Wall Street and the bad banks”
Sylvia Gray-White, ACCE Richmond
Eduardo Martinez“I’m a retired teacher working to build a city for our children. As a teacher and an activist I know that it is up to ourselves to come up with the solutions to our problems. I organized the March 4 Education in 2004: Children, parents, teachers and community marched together to Sacramento to defend our schools and children. FIT for LIFE also brings together all those who care about the children of Richmond’s obesity problem. We need to come together to educate ourselves and others, and to generate the funds to create more sports fields, and more programs that help stop this epidemic. A few pennies more will discourage buying so much soda and give the children new opportunities to be FIT for LIFE. I support FIT for LIFE and the Richmond soda ballot measures. This is one good answer to a big problem” 
Eduardo Martinez, Richmond Recreation and Parks Commissioner
Pedro Araujo" I’m currently a successful student in Contra Costa College. I used to drink a lot od sodas and was overweight. When I was in Richmond High I had a great teacher and  gym instructor who would keep the gym doors open for us to exercise more. He mentored us into health and exercise. I’m now in very good shape and I’m preparing to transfer to a university. The opportunity that I had should be made available to all students and FIT for LIFE will help. I support Richmond taxing sodas and directing the money to create sports fields and other opportunities” 
Pedro Araujo, Contra Costa College student
Jose Manuel Rivera"I'm a Latino and Chicano man. I live in North Richmond. I'm one of the founders of Occupy Richmond and have been almost to every occupy action in the East Bay and other places as well. Our central message is: We, the 99% of the people, are tired of the abuses we receive from corporations. This must end. One way or another.  This concept also applies to the companies who are pushing unhealthy foods and sugary drinks on our kids just to make more corporate profit. They have been acting like dope dealers and they have to stop undermining parents efforts. I'm in support of the changes that  Fit For Life promotes in Richmond and we'll do our part as we occupy our city and reclaim our rights."
Jose Manuel Rivera, Occupy Richmond  
"Faithbase Organizations like CCISCO that work closely with the community know that the childhood obesity can only find a true response in justice and equality, and those come from organizing our voices. Healthy eating and active living is made difficult for people in Richmond, who are financially poor. I support Fit for LIFE because it will generate resources for community organizing around healthy eating and active living."
Claudia Jimenez, Community Organizer CCISCO: Contra Costa Interfaith, Supporting Community Organization
"Scientific studies have shown that obesity is linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. I support the Fit For Life Program and the Richmond Soda Tax Measure because these efforts support our community members to eat healthy and be physically active to reduce obesity and prevent chronic diseases. "
Bang Nguyen, Richmond resident
Yenny Velazquez"The women of The Latina Center are taking seriously what we have recently learned about the Richmond childhood obesity epidemic. We want to learn more about this complex problem and we want to be leaders in fighting back. Our children are the ones affected by this disease and as community leaders we want to step up and create solutions. Healthy eating diets at home to start, and less sugary sodas and candy for our kids. More exercise and group sports for children and grown-ups. We have to lead by example. In our effort to inform the community we will host our annual Health Fair and have a special presentation by Dr. Abigail Kroch, PHD, one of the authors of the report on "The impact of sugar sweetened Beverage Consumption on the Health of Richmond Residents" on Saturday April 28 th from 10-3 at the Richmond Recreation Complex 3230 MacDonald Ave. We are strong supports of the Fit for LIFE campaign, and we support the Richmond soda ballot measures.“
Yenny Velazquez, Program Coordinator for Young Latina Future Leaders (YLFL)

Art Hatchett,"I definitely want to be a part of the healthy 
Richmond movement; this is something all of us should 
embrace and work hard to enhance." 
Art Hatchett,
Executive Director, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program  

Courtney Cummings“For me, the coming together of many community members into Fit for LIFE to promote healthy eating and active living is part of the overall healing process Richmond needs and of helping our next generation to have a chance from the start with a healthier lifestyle. I support Fit for LIFE and the Richmond Soda ballot measures.”
Courtney Cummings, Native American community member and Richmond resident

Jeff Ritterman & Shyaam Shabaka   
Jeff Ritterman, MD (right) is a member of the Richmond City Council, initiator of the FIT for LIFE Richmond campaign and retired Chief of Cardiology, Kaiser Richmond.

On the left, Shyaam M. Shabaka, EcoVillage Farm Founder and Executive Director

"Good health is a gift to be cherished and nurtured. With support and encouragement, people can reduce their consumption of unhealthy sugary sodas and enjoy delicious, wholesome beverages, including fresh pure water, which is free! 
" I support the Fit for Life campaign because it brings so many people and organizations in Richmond together to collectively advocate for the health and vitality of our children and our entire community." 

Marilyn Langlois, Richmond Community Activist
Linda Schneider"I extend my support of the soda beverage taxation proposed by Dr. Ritterman.  I believe this is an important step in the healthy choices offered to children and others, and an excellent role model. I also believe it will set an example for other communities to follow."  
Linda Schneider, MA,  
Executive Director,  Self-Sustaining Communities
Richmond business supports Measure N and healthy life for children
The Floor Store"Dr. Ritterman, Thank you for contacting The Floor Store about your efforts to address Richmond's and this nation's obesity issues. We believe the structure you have proposed could be the model for other cities, even the entire country. Based on data that we have read, more than half of the children in the City of Richmond are obese or overweight. This shocking statistic and the growing prevalence of diabetes, which is the number one cause of amputations in this country, should cause all members of our community to support your measure. The Floor Store and its employees are passionate about wellness and we look forward to supporting you in helping our children get a fair chance at a normal healthy life."
Larry Flick, CEO The Floor Store
Elaine Brown, Chair of the Black Panther Party from 1974 until 1977. Candidate for Oakland City Council.  Candidate for the nomination of the Green Party for President of the United States. Founder of various nonprofits. Advocate for radical prison reform and prison strike organizer and a supporter and advocate for Occupy Oakland supports Richmond's sugary drinks tax.  "I say stop poisoning with sugary drinks the lives of our children. Fight back, Richmond. Take the community away from BIG SODA those profiteers who don't care about our children....and let's make it possible for every Richmond child to practice sports and develop health and strength".
Anthony Green
City Council candidate Anthony Green, 2012
".. supports Measure N mostly because a small tax on a can of soda could help fund community health programs, but he wants part of it to go to education, too." Richmond Confidential
Diego Garcia
"This message is to ask for your support with Measure N and Measure O. When this measure was initiated I was one of the first people who supported this measure, however I backed away when the generated funds where going to go towards the general funds. 
"Just a few days ago when the Mayor send out a letter is when I read the fine print and understood Measure O. This measure will guarantee that the funds generated from this measure will go toward helping out our community become healthier and we can provide healthier activities for our children. This was my turning point and decided to continue to support this measure. I know it was probably too late in the race to help in the campaign, however its not too late to make a difference. I've already met with some people who also made a change in the opinion of this measure and I personally wanted to ask you as leader of this community to help us by voting YES on Measure N &O."   
Diego Garcia
Community leader   November 6, 2012
FIT For LIFE    •    1021 Macdonald Avevue,  Richmond CA 94801    •    (510) 384-1315    •    Email: