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November 10, 2012: NY Times Opinionator - The Food Movement Takes a Beating
November 8, 2012: Counterpunch - How Labor Helped Win A Vote For More Obesity: Getting Into Bed With Big Soda
November 7, 2012: New American Media - Soda Tax Lost But Richmond, Calif. Still Won (Sort of)
November 7, 2012: SF Gate - Richmond voters reject Meansure N
November8, 2012: CC Times - Soda tax trounced in Richmond but may rise again on larger stages
November 6, 2012: CC Times - Voters resoundingly reject Richmond 'soda' tax
November 7, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Richmond residents vote down Measure N
November 7, 2012: Richmond Confidential - High school students play out real Measure N debate
November 7, 2012: Huffinton Post - Soda Taxes Shot Down By Voters In Two California Towns
November 4, 2012: NY Times - California City Savors Role in Fighting 'Big Soda'
November 4, 2012: California Watch - Study: Soda tax would boost health of Latinos, blacks
November 2, 2012: CC Times - Richmond High students tackle beverage tax in public debate
November 1, 2012: CC Times - Pro-Soda tax groups counter industry dollars with grass-roots Richmond campaign
October 31, 2012: California Center for Public Health Advocacy - Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) Endorsed by Nation’s Oldest, Largest Public Health Organization
October 25, 2012: Food Revolution - The Richmond Soda Tax Proposal
October 22, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Richmond residents say goodbye to soda at Measure N campaign event
October 19, 2012: KQED Forum - Measure N: Richmond Soda Tax
October 12, 2012: SF Chronicle - Richmond's soda tax campaigner
October 10, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Cinemark joins American Beverage Assocation funding No on Measure N
October 10, 2012: NY Times Opinion Pages - A Cardiologist Makes the Case for Taxing Soda
October 9, 2012: Center for Science in the Public Interest - "The Real Bears"
October 9, 2012: NY Times Opinion Pages - The Domino Theory, Redux
October 8, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Anti-beverage tax coalition quadruples campaign spending to defeat Measure N
October 5, 2012: CC Times - Richmond politics brimming with beverage industry dollars
October 6, 2012: Mercury News - Jovanka Beckles: Yes on Measure N for mentally, physically healthy children
September 30, 2012: The Tacoma News Tribune - Put down that sugary drink - or put on the pounds
September 21, 2012: Bloomberg Businessweek - Studies more firmly tie sugary drinks to obesity
September 21, 2012: SF Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility - Richmond's Sugar Sweetened Tax
September 20, 2012: New American Media - Less Soda, More Sports = Healthy Kids
September 19, 2012: Gelberg Rodriguez Press Release - Richmond Soccer Club President Urges YES on N and O
September 18, 2012: SF Gate - Soda bucks flow against Richmond measure
September 16, 2012: New American Media - Soda Tax an 'Opportunity to Change Richmond's Destiny'
September 15, 2012: CC Times - Jeff Ritterman: Vote yes for less soda and more sports for kids
September 13, 2012: KALW Radio - The Nanny State: Richmond's mayor not afraid to take on 'Big Sugar'
September 13, 2012: ACCE Press Release - ACCE-Richmond Endorses Measures N & O to Fight Childhood Obesity
September 13, 2012: NBC Bay Area - Fierce Debate in Richmond Over Proposed Soda Tax
September 13, 2012: Digital Journal - Integrative Nutrition Announces Its Support of Richmond, CA Soda Tax
September 6, 2012: Food Politics - Big Soda sues to hide its funding of anti-tax campaign
September 6, 2012: KPFA - Regulating Food Choices with Dr. Ritterman (4.5 MB file)
September 4, 2012: The Atlantic - How Regulation Really Does Change Eating Behavior
September 2, 2012: Tom Butt E-Forum - Lawyers for Big Soda File Challenge to Richmond's Political Disclosure Ordinance
September 1, 2012: Contra Costa Lawyer - Tax a Cola, Save our Kids!
August 31, 2012: SF Gate - Regulations do change eating behavior
August 29, 2012: Press Release - Actor Danny Glover Endorses Richmond “soda tax” Measure N
August 28, 2012: Huffington Post - The Soda Games
August 26, 2012: Calorie Lab - The CA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly supports the Soda Tax
August 24, 2012: Press Release - Richmond Entrepreneur and Basketball Coach Endorses Measure ‘N’
August 17, 2012: Press Release - Richmond Pastor Recommends 'Yes' on Measures 'X' and 'Z'
August 16, 2012: SF Gate - Richmond measure would tax sugary sodas
August 15, 2012: CBS News - Soda war bubbles up in CA
August 13, 2012: The Spokesman-Review - Laws may help combat kids' obesity
August 13, 2012: SKNVibes - Soda Increses Heart Attach Risk
August 13, 2012: Tom Butt E-Forum - BAPAC Attacks Beckels and Beckles Responds
August 12, 2012: VOXXI - Face the Fact: We drink too much soda and sugary juice
August 12, 2012: Wall Street Journal - Campaign Over Soda Tax Bubbles Up
August 10, 2012: Press Release - Richmond Educator Recommends ‘Yes’ Vote on November Soda Tax Measure
August 9, 2012: NBC Bay Area - Soda Industry Outspends Richmond Tax Supporters 10 to 1
August 7, 2012: Care 2 - 88 Percent of High School Students Have Access To Sugary Drinks
August 6, 2012: Press Release - President of West Contra County School Board Supports Tax on Sugary Drinks
August 6, 2012: California Report - Richmond Soda Tax Campaign in Full Swing
August 4, 20112: Natural News - Biologist calls sodas and fizzy beverages 'evil'
August 3, 2012: Press Release - Leading community health advocate announces support of Richmond “soda tax”
July 30, 2012: London Daily Mail -  Having seen the evidence, I don't touch fizzy drinks anymore
July 30, 2012: Mother Jones - Do Sports Drinks Really Work?
July 30, 2012: BMOER - Blacks Mobilizing, Organizing and Educating Richmond Press Release
July 26, 2012: Mercury News - El Monte joins Richmond, becomes second CA city to propose soda tax
July 20, 2012: Food Safety News - Health Groups Call on Surgeon General for Report on Sugary Drinks
July 11, 2012: Richmond Pulse - In Richmond, A Love of Soccer but Nowhere to Play
July 4, 2012: Mercury News - Soda tax debate pushes Richmond into national spotlight
July, 2012: Rodale - Soda Tax May Have Obama's Support
June 29, 2012: SF Gate - Soda tax, other meansures designed to fight obesity
June 28, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Nearly half of students in Richmond and Oakland overweight, study finds
June 28, 2012: Viewpoint Radio - Councilman Jeff Ritterman - Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax, Richmond, CA
June 25, 2012: Mother Jones - Too Big to Chug: How Our Sodas Got So Huge
June 21, 2012: Ingredients Network - US physicians clash with beverages industry over soft drinks tax plans
June 18, 2012: Mother Jones - Soda: Ban it? Nah. Tax it? Yep.
June 13, 2012: California Watch - Beverage lobbyist funds 'community' campaign against soda tax
June 11, 2012: KQED News - Move over, New York. Richmond is going front and center in the war on soda pop.
June 9, 2012: Fox News - Urban Tilth's Doria Robinson debates Soda Tax with Corky Booze
June 8, 2012: Bangor Daily News - Former Coke executive slams 'share of stomach' soda advertising
June 7, 2012: - Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter speaks in favor of soda tax and specifically mentions Richmond's initiative
June 7, 2012: PBS Newshour - Should Sugary Drinks Be Taxed Like Cigarettees?    -    View the transcript >>
June 5, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Ritterman hopes to raise money for soda tax campaign
June 5, 2012: - MORE Leaders, PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERTS and Anti-Obesity Advocates Express Support for Mayor Bloomberg’s NEW Anti-Obesity Initiative
June 1, 2012: SF Gate - Tax a cola, prevent a heart attack
May 30, 2012: New York Times - New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks
May 30, 2012: AARP- Is it time for a sugar tax?
May 29, 2012: Tom Butt E-Forum - For the Sake of Our Kids, Help Us Beat Big Soda
May 22, 2012: Bloomberg TV - Declining soda sales lead to search for holy grail
May 21, 2012: Mail Online - Half of overweight US teens are at risk of heart attacks
May 16, 2012: KQED California Report - Richmond Voters Will Decide on “Soda Tax”
May 16, 2012: SF Gate - Soda tax voted on to Richmond ballot
May 16, 2012: Richmond Confidential - Soda tax voted on to Richmond ballot
May 16, 2012: KTVU - Richmond debates tax measure for sodas and other sugery drinks
May 16, 2012: Mercury News - Richmond to place 'soda tax' on November ballot
May 15, 2012: ABC Local - Soda tax will appear on Richmond ballot
April 9, 2012: LA Weekly - Majority of Californians Support Soda Tax
April 4, 2012: SF Gate  -  Poll shows support for soda tax to fight obesity
April 4, 2012: KQED Blog - The Greatest Health Risk to Children? No, It's Not Drugs
April 4, 2012: Richmond Confidential - As Richmond ponders soda tax, United Nations report urges similar taxes
February 13, 2012: Richmond Confidential - With a soft drink tax on the ballot, Richmond stirs
January 10, 2012: National Journal - Soda Tax Could Save 26,000 Lives, Study Projects
December 28, 2011: Richmond Pulse - Sugar is Like Crack
August 16, 2011: Nerdles - Dr. Oz Goes On The Attack! Sugar Is Killing You!
2010: American College of Cardiology Foundation - The Real Thing
December 14, 2008: NY Daily News - Governor Paterson proposes 'Obesity Tax'

Letters to the Editor

Sylvia Gray-White
Sylvia Gray-White,
ACCE Richmond

Yvonne Nair
Yvonne Nair, President of Saffron Strand, Inc. Solutions for the Homeless

Bobby Bowens,
Bobby Bowens,
Community Health Worker 

Bang Nguyen,
Bang Nguyen,
Richmond resident

Millie Cleveland,
Millie Cleveland,
SEIU 1021 Field Rep

Jeff Rutland,
Jeff Rutland,
Safe Return Project

Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez,
Richmond Recreation and Parks Commissioner

Dexter Vizanau
Dexter Vizanau,
President of Cybertran International


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