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The ‘sugar pushers’ have deep pockets and they don’t care if our kids are not Fit-for-LIFE.

They need the kids addicted to sugar, even if obese and threatened by diabetes.

We, Fit-for-Life, are a grass-roots movement in Richmond. As the campaign against tobacco smoking succeeded we also will succeed.

You can help our grassroots movement to get the word out and educate our communities.

Put People over corporate profits. Show the beverage companies that you stand for the kids.

Donate as much as you can.

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Fit-for-Life, 1021 Macdonald Ave, Richmond , CA 94801

Support the Soda Tax!


Support the Soda Tax!

FIT For LIFE    •    1021 Macdonald Avevue,  Richmond CA 94801    •    (510) 384-1315    •    Email: